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About Surveys and Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Why do surveys if we can buy 3rd party reports?
        One of the main reasons to measure and manage customer satisfaction is precisely because of its influence on your competitive position, hence your market share.
        In fact, industry satisfaction reports typically correlate with market shares over time, due to the link to sales and referrals. So, even if you are moving up from 5th or 10th in market share, these reports will usually tell you your products and services are in 5th or 10th place, too.
        What is missing is that your business may be ranked first by your customers. Industry reports include your competitors
customers who cant evaluate your business, since they havent done business with you yet. By knowing and delivering what customers value most, you position your business to earn greater market share, while setting the pace for others.
       That is, the best way to move your future market share is by asking your customers: how you compare to others; how to improve; and what to do more to delight them and keep them today
while attracting new customers away from your competitors!
Why do surveys if we can buy 3rd party reports?
How can ClienTell help us survey our customers?
Why do surveys if we can hire "turnkey" services?
How are ClienTell surveys different?
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